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Vision & Mission

To be recognized as an international integrated marketing solution organization by year 2020.

MARKETIVE® is a high professional diverse company aimed to help Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Corporates to find their way to success by providing sustainable creative integrated marketing solutions



• Provide our clients with wright tools of both online and offline in a synergistic mood to drag your company out of the crowd by creating a creative integrative sustainable marketing strategy.
• Ensure the sustainable growth of our clients' brand equity through our unique team structure and special work procedures.
• Develop an international community that support the merits of integrated marketing solution and help them to continuously develop their capabilities.


  • We always considered our clients as partners.
  • We seek for our partners the total satisfaction as ultimate goals.
  • We promise to provide the updated tactics and strategies in integrate marketing solution.
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MARKETIVE® develop and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communications programs over time to generate both short term financial targets and build long-term brand and shareholder value.

We're fast

Real-time reporting to spot opportunities and achieves excellent ROI while reaching out to new audiences.

We're fearless

Continually raising the bench mark of the industry values by letting our media win attention year after year.

We're fair

Putting quality first, taking ownership of our actions, communicating openly and treating people well in everything we do.

Our Services

MARKETIVE® is implementing a range of different marketing concepts in one cohesive effort by providing the capacity, resources and know-how. We boast large teams of professionals with different areas of expertise across a wide range of marketing and communications disciplines.

These different teams then work together to make sure their clients’ campaigns are as efficient, coherent, consistent, harmonious and, therefore, as effective as possible.


Digital marketing solutions


Integrative marketing solutions


Integrative marketing plans


Entrepreneurial Marketing

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MARKETIVE® utilizes a toolkit of new and unorthodox marketing practices to help emerging firms gain a foothold in crowded markets using innovation, risk taking, and being proactive to highlight the company's greatest strengths while emphasizing their value to the customer.

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